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We are a creative photography company founded by Donald Innes in 1947. Since then we have been at the forefront of photography. We can skillfully shoot anything that is thrown our way. We are excited and inspired by our work and we LOVE what we do.

We have amazing in house facilities here at our Georgian studios in the village of Hessle. A vast collection of props and backgrounds for shoots is supported by Top of the range lighting and photographic equipment throughout all our studios. We have access to massive printers to produce large scale imagery for backgrounds and Most importantly though, is the team of creative and highly motivated individuals that make us tick. 

We Love Food photography, this is our real niche, We have real experience in this area and have worked for huge brands to small independent manufacturers. From the side of HGV lorries to small labels we have the skill to produce the very best results for you. 

Meet The Team

Paul Cox

Creative Director

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Loves a challenge, and is most happy knee deep in reflectors.

Ivor Innes

Managing Director

The big cheese, if he doesn't know it, it's not worth knowing.

Chris Piercy

Lifestyle Photographer

Portraiture for Chris is his passion. Well, that and Star Wars.

David Innes

Commercial Director

The slightly smaller cheese. Keeps the office ticking.

Phil Casey

Lab Manager

With over 25 years service, Phil is our repro and exhibition genius.

Steve Betts


Steve also has over 20 years experience and is our colour and lab wizard.

Michelle Exon

Food Stylist

Our resident food stylist and makes a mean bacon sandwich.

Samantha Cox

Social Manager

If it's anything social Sam 

keeps us connected.

Niki Innes

Client Communication

Likes to chat hence why she loves to talk to new clients.

Romy Newton

Client Communication

Also a chatterbox, So why not

give us a call.

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