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Animation Project

For years, Innes Photographers have been photographing the Award Winning Designs of kitchen and Dining ware from UK Based brand, Robert Welch. 

With the company being at the forefront of modern design, it comes at no surprise that it was Robert who pioneered the introduction of stainless steel cutlery in the UK.

Inspired by this idea that every piece starts its life as a simple sketch on a blank canvas, we knew the video only had a single direction it could go.

Designing the animation

The first step was to get the base assets completed, ready for animating.

After opting to focus on the 'Signature Cook's Knife' for this particular video, the drawing could begin. Every stroke was individually hand drawn in such a way that each layer could be stripped back and easily animated.

The outcome was an animated drawing resembling a 'sketched' effect, however the project still had a long way to go and many more assets to create.

The set

The decision to sit the animation on stills was made from the fact that animating on videos can be tricky and time consuming, and was deemed unnecessary for the look we were trying to achieve.  The amount of control you have over a still image, and its ease of use made it the obvious choice.

The positioning of props and backgrounds for the animation were all carefully considered. Using a camera like that Sinar 54 gives incredibly sharp results, thus giving the animating process a lot more freedom with how much each image could be manipulated.

Finalising the video

With the main bulk of work completed, all that was left was to add a soundtrack that reflects the mood of the video and the style of Robert Welch. 

This is Robert Welch Design.

Robert Welch Design
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